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Our multidisciplinary team provides low barrier, whole-person care to people experiencing homelessness, with consideration for the unique physical, behavioral, emotional, and social needs of each individual.


Instead of waiting for individuals experiencing homelessness to seek help, our team realized the opportunity to bring care directly to the streets.


Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary volunteers with various educational backgrounds, life experiences, and industry connections. Our goal is to build trusting relationships with people over time so we can provide necessary treatment and assistance to them on the streets, while also advocating for their physical, behavioral, emotional, and social needs in other settings as requested.

Peer Support

Trained Peer Support Specialists provide evidence-based cared to individuals who are struggling with substance use disorder or opioid use disorder.

Addiction Care & Harm Reduction

Many people who are unhoused are also dealing with substance use disorder or opioid use disorder. For this reason, we work to reduce barriers to seeking treatment and provide harm reduction services.

Medical Care

Medical professionals, including doctors physician assistants, nurses, and medical assistants, provide on-the-spot medical assessment, triage, and treatment to individuals requiring care.

Medication Assistance

People experiencing homelessness often have high barriers to obtaining medications, whether for chronic or acute conditions. Our goal is to reduce those barriers, increase access, and provide ongoing education regarding medications and their benefits.

Social Work

Individuals who are experiencing homelessness often have complex social needs. For this reason, social workers' knowledge, network, and advocacy are vital to the whole-person care model.

Wound Care & Follow-Up

Wounds are common for individuals who are unhoused. Our medical team provides on-the-spot wound care and follow-up treatment, including prevention and treatment of infections.


Image by Jonathan Kho Ming Jun


Help us care for individuals who are homeless in Sioux Falls

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